Monday, March 17, 2014

Entry 6 - It's been a long time, Friend! 3/17/14

Oh how we've missed you ladies and gentlemen!  Since my last entry, we've played "Dr. Johntown" in September & "Sunrise Rocks!" on ABC Morning News in November.  Both were great experiences although it was totally weird to play at 5am in the morning for ABC!  The crew there was exceptional and we got to experience the live TV world first hand. (No pressure right? HA!)  We then took a winter break from playing shows, etc. but still found some time to get together at what we call the "Ole Whiskey Hole" and practice.  The result of those practices were about 12-15 brand new songs that came into being. That was the end of 2013...
At the start of 2014 we are off and running, hitting the recording studio with C's brother last weekend (who btw, is a very talented musician). We are all really excited about what we accomplished and can't wait to see the final product.  We should have a 12-13 song album available for you all very soon.  I think this album will give a good snapshot of who Pimp Lightning is as a band and the journey we've been on together. It will include about 3 songs from the "BCD" era (as we call it), about 3 songs from the transformation into Pimp Lightning period, about 4 songs from the heart of the "PL" period, and then probably 3 brand new songs that we just created over our last couple of months that really no one has heard yet.  I should also mention that this particular album will not include our 3 already soft released songs, so all of these will be brand new released material.
After a few months off from doing shows, we will be looking to rock a few gigs starting in April.  As I've previously mentioned, setting up shows is a job in it's own right so it's easier said than done a lot of times.  You almost need the clouds to open up in the sky and a giant sunbeam to rain down and the stars to align at just the right time...but it's definitely worth it!
Our upcoming events are as follows:
The Worm Grunt Festival in Sopchoppy, FL on 4/12/14 from 2:30 - 3:30pm.
Later that evening we play our good friend Scott's (the ageless wonder) 50th b-day celebration at the beach.
We will make our first Bombtown appearance of the year on 4/17/14 for El Guapo himself, "Matthammed".

I'm also working on a few shows for mid and late year. I'm hoping to have those finalized very soon but we are looking for another big show in Tally somewhere and then one over in Walton County for all of our fans that direction.

Keep on the lookout for our new album news!  I'll be posting info very soon!

Until that next electrical storm!

- DMaster

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Entry 5 - Backwoods Bistro Recap from 8/17/13

Hello fans!  It was great seeing a lot of you at the Backwoods Bistro for their 1 year anniversary celebration!  After doing a few shows with you all, I think there are a couple of things we can count on:
One, no matter what time or place we have a gig, our folks represent big time!  We've played at all sorts of venues at all sorts of times and every time we've had a great crowd.
Two, if they aren't prepared at the bar, it's going to be a long night for the bartenders!  Our venues seem to underestimated our fan's, shall we say, thirst? haha! We should start seeing more supply of both bottled beer and bartenders going forward! A big shout out to all of you guys and gals!  We really appreciate your support!
The forecast for the event was RAIN and then some!  So instead of playing outside as was originally planned, the event was moved inside of the Bistro. That turned out to be a great call because at one point it was raining people outside! ha!  We kicked off the celebration at 3pm, which was a change from our original 4pm start time.  We decided to move to the first slot in order to help the other bands that were scheduled to play since most of them were playing the same drum set and I of course play a Roland drum kit.  This worked out nicely because it made the transitions a lot easier for everyone else.  We debated starting with "Back of the Bus" on the spot, but decided to keep our original set list in place since we were on a severe time crunch compared to most all of our shows so far (We had about an hour or so compared to the three plus hour marathons we're used to playing). We started with "Nervous" and I never heard one drum hit or beat the whole song!  Craig had moved my monitor prior to the show to prop up his bass guitar and turned off the power.  When he moved it back, he forgot the power button!  Oh NO!!! Fortunately, I just relied on what I imagined it sounded like and finished the song with no issues.  Craig and I had a funny moment during the song when he started wondering where the sound back to me was.  Once he realized what had happened we gave each other the "Oh Well" nod and kept rolling.  Hopefully, my band mates appreciate my ability to adapt to these scenarios as I seem to always have some sound issue (or lack thereof) but so far I've been able to get through each problem with no issues.  Speaking of which, my band mates once again were spot on and sounded great! I was extremely pleased with their performance as they both came to rock!  Our sound was about the best I think it has been and we attribute that to Rick Ott and Co. dialing in our true sound. (Rick and all the musicians on the ticket are all great people and sounded great as well!)  At one point Bryan skipped a verse on "Hands to the Fire" and instead broke into this long killer lead.  It was a nice surprise that worked with our tight time crunch.  We ended up playing 16 songs, 2 of those for the sound check. We had another 2 we had to cut out because of our time, "Firing Man" and "County Line".
Our streak of playing a brand new song at every show came to an end, but I can assure you all it wasn't because we didn't have any new songs!  B and I did a rough count last night and I would be willing to bet we have another 20-30 songs that we haven't developed yet.  In the last 2 practices alone we have created 4-5 solid sounding songs that have a lot of potential. As we get closer to our "vacation" of a couple months, I would expect a bunch of new songs when we get back out there.  I'm personally really excited about them.

As for what's next on the horizon, I'd say we are focused on practicing and maybe trying to fit in more recording as we can find time and you never know, we may sneak a surprise show in somewhere.  It will be tricky over the next couple of months, but I expect we'll find time here and there to keep on rockin' baby!

- DMaster Miagi - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Friday, August 9, 2013

Entry 4 - Bombtown Recap from 8/1/13

Kaboom!  That was the sound of the bomb that went off at Bombtown ("BT") last Thursday night!  What a great time had by all!  I dare say it may have been the best BT ever...
This BT marked a key event, the graduation of Matt Jr. from FSU which brought a solid crowd of usual "Bombtowners" plus an influx of new faces. This also meant a return visit of Jessica, Matt Jr's sister, which was a big plus as well.  Everyone was in great spirits and ready to have a good time as to be expected, and so were we.  I had made mention to Matthammed (our host) earlier in the day that our set list was moved around some and we may not do any free-styling parts as we had done for the last several BTs prior to this one.  We do enjoy that part, but the way we planned our set list made it appear a little more difficult to fit in this time.  So now on to the show!
We started with a cover, It's So Easy, mainly intended as a continuation from the ending at Down Below (we played this as our encore).  We wanted to ride the wave of energy from that show right into this show and I think it worked.  From Easy we went to Offensive, which was a brand new song we had never played out before. B and C were definitely on and that energy inspired several impromptu jams throughout the first set list that included a congrats jam to Matt Jr and a welcome home jam to Jessica, along with some random jam song in the middle that was created on the spot. The mood was perfect and we got to the last song of the first set, Rockin' Body, which is the song that usually gets a lot of Freestyle attention with it's 808 beat from my drum kit.  Well, the free-styling spirits would not be denied and one of the best freestyle intros to Rockin' Body ensued.  We then took a short but much needed break as we were all drained from going full throttle that first set.  I know B and I were especially zapped and to that point I had completely soaked through 2 shirts.  After a quick break, we gathered up before heading out for the second set and decided we would play a new song that incorporates the 909 drum kit to kick off the next set.  The funny thing is, after we initially created this little jam the practice before the show, everyone swore they would remember it...then we all forgot it.  So the next day B had it hit him in the car and he recorded the basic sound of it on his phone.  We listened to that real quick then went and jammed it for about 15 minutes, mainly because this kicked off another round of free-styling that was dead on and had the crowd even more hyped than before!  We then went on with the rest of the set, and stuck in yet another brand new song, County Line, right before the last 2 songs of the night, Last Call and I Am The Man.  We ended up playing 31 songs that night and if you're keeping count, I soaked 3 shirts total.  I also experienced a major cramp in my groin/thigh area right in the middle of I Am The Man. It was basically a rock solid knot for a little while.  I switched to my left foot for a few bars then went right back to the right and it never let me down!  I pleaded with it right before the encore (in front of the whole crowd) and it responded by backing off and letting me do my thing!  And I appreciated it! hahahaha!
Also, we want to give a big shout out to our main free-stylers at this show, Jordan and Kale. You guys rocked the house!
Next Stop...Backwoods Bistro on August 17 at 4pm.  The event kicks off at 3pm and goes on through the night. Here is a list of the bands that will be playing:

3:00pm-4:00pm   Ashoka
4:15pm-5:15pm   PIMP LIGHTNING
5:30pm-6:30pm   Kenzie Report
6:45pm-7:45pm   Mechanical Lincoln
8:00pm-9:15pm   Brett Wellman
9:30pm-11:00pm  Rick Ott Band and Lindsey Evans

See you guys there! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Entry 3 - Down Below Review

SHAZAM!  What a great show!  But we'll get to that later. First, let's rewind back to before the show, a few days in fact.
It's always a little hectic before an event we are playing and this time was no different. The week of the show we had a bunch of various things to consider or do including another practice to get ready.  This show we were only able to get in 2 practices before because of scheduling and the first didn't seem as sharp, so there was a little extra attention to making this practice go well.  Everyone came focused even though we were all tired from the week at hand and pulled together to be ready for Saturday's event.  That's the one thing about my band mates, I know I can count on them when the time comes no matter how out of whack things are beforehand.  We also decided to get shirts as many of you know and I think this went well.  Thursday at a certain point we didn't even have a shirt order in or shirt design selected for that matter, but came out with a nice looking shirt by Friday.  Great job on C's part for spearheading that project with B and I's input.  I really like the first version a lot but you can count on some future designs later on in the game for sure.  We also came to the conclusion that we didn't want to just sell our fans a shirt this time, we had to give them something more, so we decided to include a 3 song CD of our music from  Hopefully, everyone was pleased with that package as we put a lot of thought into it.

Now on to the show (and what a show it was).  The turnout was awesome!  We had a good feeling on our potential numbers based on initial feedback and we saw many folks right before the show headed into Barnacle Bills to grab a bite first.  But there's really no way of really knowing until the show and we were pleasantly surprised.  It was great seeing so many of our friends and family make it out to the show! The support from everyone really means a lot to us and it's always a great time when we are all together, especially when we are jamming!  We had a sound check around 8:30 and everything seemed right on.  But once the crowd came in, those sound levels ended up being skewed somewhat.  We give the sound guy there a lot of credit, he did us very well!  When a sound guy doesn't know your music, it's a little harder to dial things in that are sounding off.  He did a solid job and we appreciated everything he did. There seemed to be something slightly off with the sound at times from what we are used to and I never really heard one tom that I hit throughout the whole show (and I have 3 of them!).  It seems I was the only one who couldn't hear them, so hopefully that was indeed the case.  They checked out fine in the sound check, but once folks got in they disappeared on me.  Overall, I did like the sound there and think that venue provides a solid sound based on its acoustics.  We'll just use our experience from this time to be sure we've accounted for those little things next time.  You really do learn something new every time. I'd say all in all it went well.  I saw a few clips of video from my phone and it sounded solid for the little bit I got to see.  C had this nice little ending on Not Fair that seemed new and on the spot, but it was right on!  B had several leads that just slayed it up. Both of them did a great job and I hope I did my part as they certainly did! I know we had a really good time playing there with everyone for sure!  We also got a lot of compliments from Down Below on our crowd and the kind of folks we had there and they mentioned believing us next time when we say we're bringing the party!  We tried to warn them, but sometimes you just have to experience it for yourself!  hahaha!  Our crowds are always consisting of awesome people wanting to have a great time and it always shows!  A big shout out to everyone who came out and represented!

As for Pimp Lightning, we are planning to gather very soon to recap our Down Below experience and go over our next stage of planning for the band.  We've taken a different approach to managing our goals (thanks to C) and it really has us moving along very well.  We've accomplished many things this past month or so and are looking to take our momentum into our next phase ahead.  Look for a few more new things on the horizon.
Our next show will be at a private party known only as Bombtown on August 1 then onto the Backwoods Bistro on August 17 to help them celebrate an anniversary with a few other bands.  As of this moment, Pimp Lightning is #3 on the local Reverbnation Rock Chart and have been for the last 6 days!  Shock on!

Until that next Lightning Show!

-  DMaster Miagi - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Monday, July 8, 2013

Entry 2 - The Riot before the Storm!

Hello friends! It feels like a lot has happened since my last entry so let me jump right in. 
I had mentioned last time we were looking to get together a couple of shows and somehow we've pulled it off. I say somehow because the world of scheduling events in public venues is quite the battle. The good news for us is that there are many great locations in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas to play. The bad news is that actually securing these venues sometimes takes some major hoop jumping. It should get a little easier as we get out there in some of those venues a little more. But all in all we are finding some great spots to play local music. 
Our current schedule has us at Down Below under Barnacle Bills on 7/13 9pm and then at Backwoods Bistro on 8/17 in the early afternoon. And you never know, we may sneak in another show out of nowhere... We also got back in the studio like we promised and as you know, we now have 3 songs posted @ (also at facebook and myspace as well under our name). At this current moment, we sit at #4 on the Reverbnation Local Rock Chart. All the way to #4 in a little over a week! A big thanks to the fans for that one! As much as we enjoy playing, it might as well be the global top 40 chart! 
Speaking of myspace, we now have a myspace page so be sure to like us or follow us now on facebook, myspace and reverbnation! Along with a new alternate blog site location at We're jumping right into this internet world baby!

We hope you can make one of our upcoming shows noted herein.
@ Down Below we'll be rocking the whole night after 9pm. We'll also have a couple of band specific drink specials there for our fans to enjoy.
@ Backwoods Bistro, we'll have some other bands we will perform with and our block of time will run about 1 - 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon.
Both should be great venues and we look forward to jamming them both!

Sorry for all of the rain these last couple of weeks but there's a lightning show about to happen...and well, it's a part of the riot before the storm!

Shock you Later! - DMaster Miagi - Drums

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Entry 1 - Bombtown Recap from May 9, 2013 and other notes

Our friend "MattHammed" got me reading a blog from another musician named Theo Travis who's currently playing with Steven Wilson.  After reading many entries, I can see how insightful it is to have that window into the band and at least one perspective from an active member as it pertains to what's going on and all the little tidbits of things you didn't know.  I'd like to offer this to our current fans and hope you find this equally as insightful and entertaining.
Our last gig was May 9, 2013 at the legendary "Bombtown".  Another great show there!  The crowd is always awesome and we feel a special warmth in our souls when we play there as this was the location of our first ever live show several years ago.
This particular gig marked several firsts.  For one, this was our first ever gig without a true set list.  We just brought a list of songs and sort of went through calling out different ones to play.  I thought the show went well, but honestly we probably won't do that again.  I like being flexible, but it was hard to figure out what songs to play when you're looking at a list of over 50 songs and not to mention you've probably had a "Jager Bomb" or two if you're at Bombtown. hahaha!  We played most of what we intended, but left off probably 7-8 songs we would have normally played including one of our first originals called "Ocean City" (which was another first, not playing that one at a show).  The crowd was great all night and rocked the freestyle portion of our show for sure!   Speaking of which, during that freestyle and connecting song "Rockin' Body", I had to play left footed because my beater loosened up on my bass pedal as I was playing and flew across the room. Luckily I was playing a double bass pedal at the time and just switched to the other foot.  Hopefully, that went pretty smooth with no one being able to tell.  That was certainly a first.  And speaking of firsts and double bass pedals, that was the first time I had played a show with a double bass pedal.  We also played with a new mixer board pretty much right out of the box, so that was a first too, but all of it seemed to work fine during the show.
To date, we have played a brand new song at every live show we have ever played.  I'm sort of proud of that and hope our fans appreciate us wanting to give them something new and different every single time.  This time, we played a new song called "Firing Man" and it seemed to go well.  We also played two new covers, "Backseat Baby" and "Wagon Wheel".  While I ran and grabbed my other kick pedal, B played "Already Here" which is raw, but will be a good one too I think.
To update our current status:
We are extremely busy with our "other lives" and have a bunch of travel throughout the Summer among other things preventing us from doing a lot of "touring".   The bad news is this will most likely prevent us from doing any "away" gigs for the rest of this year.  But the good news is that we are trying to pencil in a few "Home" gigs around Tally and also hope to get back into the studio to start recording our songs again.  We are hoping to add a couple shows in the next few months that will be truly open to the public so that anyone can make it.  I've had several people telling me they want to hear us play, and well, you're about to get your wish.  We'll keep you all posted.
We are also practicing as we have time (which isn't much), and seem to still be riding that creative vibe, so look for another new song or two possibly at the next show.
Finally, We are looking for any video or recordings that people have made of us at our gigs. I've personally seen many folks recording at various times over the past many shows, so it would be good to obtain a lot of that footage for our archives.  We appreciate any help we can get on that.  Also, let's get more likes on facebook, so spread the word!
Until that next Lightning Storm!

- DMaster Miagi - Drums / Percussionist / Vocals